Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Basement Bike Experiment 2010 - Day 39

Two days in a row? Yes. You know how I can tell? My knees feel like they took a pipe like Nancy Kerrigan. Damn you, Jeff Gillooly.

Other than that, today was a great day. The ride was good, the Gullet Report contains no embarassing items, the new music I listened to in the saddle was one of the best albums I've ever heard, and the scale yielded favorable results.

Time: 59:18

Distance: 15.13 miles

Avg. speed: 15.3 mph

Max. speed: 18.5 mph

Music: The Courteeners - Falcon

Relevant lyric: "I think it's time for me . . . to take over the world"

Miles to March 2010 goal: 113.25

Days to March 2010 goal: 20


Cumulative Experiment stats:

Time: 17:56:13

Distance: 246.87 miles

Avg. speed: 13.76 mph



9 AM coffee

1:30 PM footlong Veggie Delite, iced tea

4:30 PM 32 oz Gatorade G2 (during ride)

6:00 PM coffee, steak, scrambled eggs, hash browns, wheat toast

And finally, the results from the new badass high-tech scale. Remember, the old scale had me 4 pounds lighter than the new one, but it did register a 4 pound loss, and dammit, I'm keeping them.

Previous weight: 226.4 lbs

Current weight: 222.4 pounds

Cumulative weight loss: 8 pounds

I'll take 8 pounds in 39 days, because I think it will ultimately be sustainable.

To quote Ice Cube - today was a good day.

I'm out-

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